Kimi is a Fashion Blogger, Model and Fashion Stylist based in Germany. Born in Magdeburg and raised up in Rostock she moved to Leipzig to study Fashion Design. She loves to travel, a thing full of fears but yet so much adventures. Passionate about art, photography, nature, writing, England, fashion and the simple things in life. Kawaii and Anime addict, not to mention the video games in where she finds so much inspiration.

A vegan living soul for already five years supporting the pure nature with their animals and fighting against cruelty. She loves to dress herself in crazy outfits, to create new styles and trends, to help, to inspire and to make people happy. Supports individuality and fights against body shaming.

What she loves about fashion is the variety and beauty in all the shapes, colors and combinations. It's like a playground where you can release your energy. Jumping into different characters with the help of magic in clothes and materials. Working with different fabrics and opening new horizons of the fashion world, breaking the rules which don't even exist in her mind. Wigs and loads of jewelry pieces take an important part in her styling. It's like a mix of grunge with a witchy touch combined with vintage and bohemian elements. Hard to describe, but that's what makes it so special.

Modeling is another desire of her soul. Brands like Dolls Kill, Poprageous, The Rogue + The Wolf, Regal Rose, Underground, Morph8ne, Stay Creepy Clothing or Sarah Thursday, just to mention a few partners that she loves to support.

Her dream is it to create wonderful moments and projects together with other artists and people around the globe. To share the creative mind and to open horizons and dimensions to different worlds.

Remember, people with a hard past may have a weak heart but their will is always the strongest.


Carter Lia Skye said...

Im wondering, are you anorexic, or just naturally skinny from veganism? I totally support veganism, Im a vegetarian trying to convert to a vegan. What do you normally eat? I would love to be your size!!

Kimiperi said...

I'm neither anorexic nor naturally skinny from veganism. I'm simply naturally skinny, it's in the family :) And please don't connect veganism with body types, that's completely bullshit, thank you! x

Layla Autry said...
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Anonymous said...

How tall are you ? :)

Anonymous said...

May I ask how old you are? :)

Taylor said...

Do you have an FAQ somewhere? & I was wondering what cameras you use?

Besides the annoying questions, I really love your style and I'm so happy you're vegan and are part of making the world a better place. ♡ The world needs more vegan fashionistas.

Kimiperi said...


I used to have a FAQ on my Tumblr, which I removed quickly again because people were still asking me questions which I answered there. I was using my Pentax K10D for a long time but got me a Canon 700D :)

I'm really thankful for your kind words and happy to see another vegan soul here! To me, veganism is simply a part of myself and totally normal & obvious to me. Your comment reminds me that it is something special and I just love to inspire people about that ♡

Coti Sarrell said...

Hey! Another vegan here. You have my DREAM hair color. What did you use to get that? My hair is silver now, but I want that white tint to it that you have.
Thank you!

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